Spanish Total Immersion Program (Children Program)


Description: Linguistic-Cultural program that will take place during the summer of 2020 focused on parents and children in the family, interested in acquiring and/or develop Spanish language in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico for three weeks in a comfortable and safe environment in a total immersion
and exposure to the culture and language.

Overall Objective: Acquire and/or develop intercultural communicative competence with innovative custom techniques in small groups of students (maximum 6) in a similar linguistic level with formal practice sessions and real Spanish language activities in interesting and significant cultural contexts for
daily life.

Cultural Topic: The language is a key instrument on the acquisition of values and cultural wealth; these will be the main triggers during the program. For this reason, the day-to-day aspects, as well as the historical and cultural background are an important part of the Program content in ATIC-Fenix. Thus, in the case of children, they will conduct a series of artistic and recreational activities in a relaxed and fun environment. Specific objectives: Develop Linguistic and cultural tools on the basis of everyday and immediate needs, as well as a series of theoretical and practical presentations (the family, music, dance, football, etc.) in order to develop a better understanding of Mexican/Hispanic Culture. Artistic expressions of great cultural richness will be present from day to day in the different tourist and recreational activities during the program.