Azteca Total Immersion Center offers you one of the only total immersion experiences in Mexico. Unlike other programs, there is no “classroom” in our Total Immersion Program (TIP). You are fully immersed in an environment where Spanish can be heard and used in a daily context. The goal is to make learning the language natural, engaging, and fun. Your experience of living and interacting with a Mexican family is guided by intensive and focused language lessons by the program’s experienced teachers.

  • Boost your learning with in-home teaching
  • Complete immersion program
  • Spanish in any moment with coordinated instruction and home stay activities
  • Personalized instruction
  • Fastest results with constant contact in Spanish
Each day you will receive at the minimum 5 hours of intensive instruction
  • 3 hours of instruction in Spanish, 1 hour of a workshop tailored to the interests of the individual or group, and 1 hour of cultural exploration
  • Sessions in individual or small group settings
  • Activities geared towards practical, daily use of the language
  • Lessons geared to help you take advantage of the opportunities given to you by living and being immersed in the language and the culture with your host family
Your family plays a crucial role in the language immersion process
  • You do not study Spanish from a textbook, but from the daily interactions of life
  • You will participate in their daily activities as part of your stay with your host family
  • Opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in your lessons
  • Acquire additional Spanish through observation and interaction with native speakers
  • Family is crucial to the Spanish-speaking culture and to the success of the Total Immersion Program (TIP)

Experience where it counts


For more than 50 years, the Total Immersion Program (TIP) has been used to aid thousands of students and professionals interested in improving their Spanish-speaking skills. The TIP is unique in that it closely follows proven research in the brain behaviors that aid in second language acquisition that remains applicable to this day.


Your TIP experiences are based on three simple, proven principles:

  1. Immersion in an environment in which you can understand the language by using the clues around you
  2. Opportunity to communicate with native Spanish speakers in a low stress, low anxiety environment
  3. Exposure to the deep connections between Spanish language and culture

The Total Immersion Program immerses you according to these principles, resulting in rapid language acquisition and acceleration of current levels of proficiency. Upon arriving at the Center, you will be evaluated with an oral interview and certain exercises that allow us to determine your precise level of language acquisition and the correct program placement for you. You are then placed with a host family and begin your lessons with our trained teachers. No more than two students are placed with the given family, allowing you the maximum exposure and benefit from your total immersion experience.

A program tailored to your needs


Any interested adult, from the very basic to the most advanced, is welcome at Azteca Total Immersion Center.


For whatever need, there is an opportunity for you at ATIC. If you need a Spanish language course for professional needs or simply wish to have a unique learning experience with private instruction, there is a program for you.

Our experts are willing to work with you to adapt a personalized program tailored to your needs and career field (if applicable). The needs of the students have priority in our Total Immersion Program (TIP). Flexibility is one of our core beliefs because our objectives is always to create a successful learning experience.


We offer specialized courses for:

  • Business professionals
  • Clergy
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives and managers
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal professionals
  • Media employees
  • Medical professionals
  • Service workers
… and more! Contact us for more information.

Practice where you need it, when you need it

All instruction is given on-site. Whether it be in the bank, market, restaurant, etc. You won’t be able to wait to get out into the real world to practice your “classroom” Spanish. With the Total Immersion Program (TIP), the world is your classroom!

Make yourself at home in Cuernavaca

Azteca Total Immersion Center’s host families are critical elements in immersing you in Spanish language and the surrounding culture. Unlike most programs, our Total Immersion Program (TIP) does not place you with families who will treat you as hotel guests. Rather, families take an active part in getting you involved in every aspect of daily life, therefore, allowing you the opportunity to accelerate your language acquisition during every waking hour of the day.

ATIC chooses its families carefully, taking into consideration the accommodations they can provide, their education and occupation, and their warmth and openness. They pledge to speak to you only in Spanish to aid you in your language immersion journey. Most ATIC families have plenty experience with foreign visitors and can accommodate a wide range of needs, such as dietary restrictions, personalities, and levels of Spanish. 


Your family will provide meals (delicious Mexican food), Spanish language practice, they will help with transportation, advice, and friendship. You will have a private and comfortable room with clean, modern bath facilities. Whether you come alone, with a group, or a friend we will place you with a Mexican family who is happy to accommodate you. As different as they are from one another, all of our host families have one thing in common: unsurpassed Mexican hospitality.

Explore the past, enjoy the present

At Azteca Total Immersion Center, we believe students must be exposed not only to daily life in the family, but also to the cultural richness that surround our location in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


Regular excursions are organized to local historic, artistic, and cultural sites that allow students to understand and appreciate the abundant culture of Mexico and Latin America. Students explore the sights and sounds of the “City of the Eternal Spring” (Cuernavaca) with its numerous cafes, restaurants, and entertainment sites. Our goal is to allow students to understand culture in context to make their experience in Cuernavaca meaningful and memorable.


We offer a series of one-hour courses, Monday through Thursday. The courses are aimed at helping the student understand the roots of Latin American culture, while expanding their abilities in Spanish. Our main bulletin board lists the courses offered each week. Some examples include:


  • The Contemporary History of Mexico
  • Pros and Cons of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Literature, Art and Society in Mexico
  • Mexican Murals
  • Historical Survey of Women in Latin America
  • Pre-Colombian Civilizations
  • The Mexican Revolution
  • Dance, Music and Folk Culture
  • History of Mexican Food
  • How to Dance Salsa
  • Extra-curricular activities


Expand your horizons

Every week, you’ll take part in activities designed to challenge and extend your Spanish, all while having fun in the beautiful sun of Cuernavaca. Converse in Spanish over a cup of espresso at an outdoor café, watch the latest movie from Mexico’s burgeoning cinema scene, or dance a little salsa to some tropical tunes. Learning Spanish is not just about studying – it’s about having fun!


The city of Cuernavaca offers easy access to a number of cultural and recreational sites. Students enrolled in our Total Immersion Program (TIP) have the opportunity to participate in excursions organized by the Institute. An ATIC staff member serves as the guide in conducting discussions and answering questions during these trips. There are optional excursions within Cuernavaca, all of which are offered for a nominal fee. Some examples include: 


  • Botanical Garden (Jardín Borda, house of the Emperor Maximiliano)
  • Palace of Hernán Cortés (Colonial fortress/regional museum)
  • Teopanzolco (Tlahuican pyramids)
  • Hacienda of Hernán Cortés (a luxury hotel with beautiful nature and architecture)
  • The beautiful Cathedral of Cuernavaca

For excursions outside the city, the minimum number of students required depends on the particular site being visited. These optional trips are offered at an additional charge and depend on the destination including:



  • Mexico City
  • Oaxaca
  • Puebla
  • Guanajuato
  • Las Estacas (water and recreation park)
  • Taxco
  • Xochicalco
  • Malinalco
  • Teotihuacan
  • Acapulco

If you or your group are interested in studying with us at ATIC or would like to request more information, please do not hesitate to reach out using the contact form below or reaching out to us anytime at or +52 (777) 413-9353. We look forward to seeing you in Cuernavaca soon!