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Perdí mi brazo derecho por unos días. (Parte II) (lección 145)

Susana y el no a la cerveza (lección 146)

What is Unlimited Practical Spanish Lessons?

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DORADO Teaching Tools is committed to uploading two lessons to the network each week.


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    DORADO Teaching Tools is a program developed by teachers from Azteca Total Immersion Center (ATIC), an institute dedicated to teaching Spanish and Latin American culture since 1973, in the city of Cuernavaca, México.

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    This is what You Get

    Practical Spanish

    The lessons contain stories and dialogues that use conversational Mexican Spanish, accompanied by a glossary, various practical exercises, and a task.


    Daily Life

    Travel + Transportation

    Relationships + Family




    Health + Medicine

    Entertainment + Sports

    …and more!

    Cultural Spanish

    Cultural Spanish lessons offer the opportunity to acquire Spanish through information on Mexican and Latin American culture.



    Mexican Culture

    Holidays and Festivals

    Mexican History

    Famous Places, Cities, States

    Popular Movies

    Well-Known Books

    Presidents + Politics

    …and more!

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    Common questions and answers

    Unlimited Practical Spanish Lessons gives you access to ALL Practical Spanish and Cultural Spanish lessons each month – you can listen to as many as you want! Stream the lessons on your computer, phone, or tablet. Please note that if you cancel your membership, you will not be able to listen to the lessons.

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    Each lesson has two parts:

    1) a streaming FREE audio lesson, and

    2) a text Learning Guide.


    The Learning Guide includes:

    -a complete transcript of everything we say in the audio lesson

    -a glossary y/o with definitions of the key vocabulary

    -Some exercises

    -Task (optional) You can send the task to us and we will return it to you corrected.

    As a paid member, you have access to ALL existing Spanish and Cultural Spanish lessons on file and Unlimited Practical Spanish's commitment to upload two lessons each week. Of course You can listen to as many lessons as you want to and as often as you would like. There are no limits! You can improve as quickly as you want to.

    You have access to ALL lessons as long as you are paying your monthly membership fee ($12 each month). You will be able to listen to as many lessons as you want each month by streaming them to your computer, iOS (iPhone/iPad), or Android device.

    Once your membership expires (ends), you will NOT be able to listen to your lessons. You must have an active, paid monthly membership to listen to lessons.

    Unlimited Practical Spanish is a subscription, which means you are a charge each month until you cancel. Until you cancel, you will be charged $15 each month. But you can cancel anytime – it's easy! Just click on your account icon (top, right corner) and then click Manage Subscriptions. You can cancel your membership there. You will still have access to the lessons until the end of your current 30-day subscription period, or, for our yearly plan, until the end of your 12 months.

    Note: If you are canceling and also want a refund, you must email us within 30 days of starting your membership. This is true for both regular and annual memberships. After 30 days, we cannot refund you. We do not automatically refund subscriptions when they are canceled; you must email us to request it.

    You may cancel anytime and you will not be charged again for the next month (30 days). However, you will not receive a partial refund for the remainder of the current 30 days on your membership

    Any other questions you have please contact us.